My Gay Banjo

Featured / Musician

Julia and Owen Taylor were housemates for five years, beginning in 2008. My Gay Banjo began as a kitchen band, bringing together Julia’s country songs she’d written for her plays, and Owen’s folk songs he’d written over time. Together, they started experimenting with mash-ups where they’d put a known song into one of their own songs and seamlessly transition between them which became part of their early signature style. In 2009 they began playing out at small venues, friend’s houses and parties.

They recorded their first album, “My Gay Banjo,” in 2010 in their home in Brooklyn. Two years later they recorded “Limp Wrist & A Steady Hand” in a friend’s converted garage studio in Long Island. In 2014 they recorded their first studio album, “Country Boys in the City,” produced and recorded by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom in Philadelphia. It featured many talented musicians: Yosi Perlstein on drums, fiddle, and percussion, Todd Chandler on stand-up bass, Elana Redfield on pedal steel and guitar, Anna Callner on cello.

In 2012 they began touring nationally. Over the last three years they have toured extensively throughout the northeast, southeast, west coast and northwest. They have released a few music videos and continue to tour, harmonize, banter, get the audience to sing along, wear mustaches and matching shirts, and other fun stuff like that.

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